@MergerNews provides

a pure Twitter Mergers & Acquisitions News stream for M&A Professionals

Focussing on Mergers & Acquisitions News developments in the Australian & South East Asian markets @MergerNews is a convenient business tool for both keeping up to date with deal activity and generating deal ideas.

In a busy world where news feeds are abundant, @MergerNews differentiates itself by offering only pure Mergers & Acquisitions News content.  As such @MergerNews is both a convenient and efficient use of an M&A professionals time in an already crowded day.

Each business day @MergerNews Tweets around 20 to 30 Mergers & Acquisitions News corporate developments – sourced from both public company announcements and other news releases.  We check the source announcement of the majority of items that we Tweet, but of course provide no guarantee that all are accurate – nor in any way are we endorsing corporate actions by the organisations on which we Tweet.

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